Pies, Cakes and Pumpkin Soup

Organizing a festival in the middle of a city brings its difficulties. For example, you want your visitors to be able to grab a little bite to eat. But what stops a visitor from walking into a "frituur" behind the corner or a kebab store? As a festival, you have to dare to come up with something very original.

So that's what we did. In fact, this edition we are offering fresh pumpkin soup with or without balls for those who want and delicious artisan cakes and pies. You hear it right a black metal festival where you can just have a tasty piece of chocolate cake, a piece of apple cake or a hearty bowl of freshly made pumpkin soup with meatballs.

For the vegetarians among us there will also be a pot of soup made without meatballs. There will be at least 6 different pies and cakes to choose from. Chocolate cake, cheesecake with speculoos, oreo cake, apple cake, ....