MartYriuM (Malta)

Hailing from small Malta, an island nestled in the very heart of the Mediterranean, MartYriuM was forged in the year 1999 from the dying embers of the second wave of Black Metal – quick to grasp its own sound and ground, the band took fire and ignited a wick of relentless shows on its home turf, promptly working on and finally exploding its first album in 2002 entitled ‘Withering in Voluptuous Embrace’, a release that sent shockwaves through the at-the-time unprepared and unaccustomed local scene. ‘Withering’ in name only, the album swiftly became favorite fodder to hungry crowds during bloody shows, and remains so to this very day.

Aptly named ‘The Carnage Lit By Darkness’ saw its light in 2005, a light that shone new aural darkness in the band’s sound; drawing blood from its predecessor, this second blast of symphonic black metal was laced and graced with the industrial elements for which MartYriuM would start to be know for. ‘Carnage’ was what first put the band on international ears and eyes, received and selling well, summoning metal hearts and minds to get in touch. The album is a sought-after release for both fans and those who crave such sinister and gothic orchestrations, and has been re-released on many occasions.Many gigs under their studded belts and the murderous ‘Awakening the Ancient’ followed suit in 2010, ushering the horde into a finer decade of musical endeavors and the more experimental ‘Destiny Wore A Bondage Mask’ in 2015 – by now and on the warpath, the band was spreading the word of Satan across countless European shows and building up a solid reputation as a hellish live act.

Back to present day, its third decade on Earth and riding on the graciously received ‘Lamia Satanica’ as their fifth infernal vexilla regis, MartYriuM stands ready like a beast, angrily biting this pandemic leash to be unleashed from plague unto a new era of glorious shows and the ravening wings of the true Black Death!