Born out of love for bands like Death, Slayer, Metallica, Aborted, Nile, and so many more. Based on old-school, expanded with contemporary stimulus. Fast guitar work that will blow your ears full of evil melodies and relentless riffs. Supported by a robust bass guitar. Drum parts that strike like a sledgehammer. Assisted by arrogant vocals.

Songs based on Dante's Inferno that take you through the grim hellish paradise complemented by relation to today's society.

Anger. Misery. Fear. Torment.

Writing a debut album "Embarkation Of Souls" they have already released a 3 track demo via Bandcamp. Recorded in the rehearsal room and mixed by the singer. Finally printed on tape with a release of 50 via Screaming Skull Records from Norway. Ready to give the world a little taste of hell.